Thoughts of Healing

Remember the ole cliche which comes first the chicken or the egg? Well here is another” what comes first the thought or the emotion”? Our first response might be that the emotion comes first. However according to Greg Braden and Dr. Michael Ryce the reverse is true. This data they have obtained from the interpretations of the Aramaic language, and new studies conducted in Physics. These studies have revealed some new concepts of our thought processing. Simply put our brains are just like a computer full of data. Data of has bins. Data that we put there through our experiences of life. Some of these thought patterns have a long standing relationship in our brains. For instance if a person were to suddenly see someone in their past that caused them, they believe, a lot of intense pain, at first sight their reaction would be to automatically go back in their data file of the past and remember this heartache. Next this thought might fire an emotion of anger. This emotion creates a peptide in our body system that goes looking for a like cell to attach to and then bam!! The entire body begins to react to the emotions stemmed from just one thought. Then you have to live with the result of the chemical reactions of those thoughts. The results of negative emotions are degeneration of the cells which can lead to disease. Disease made to order just for you. Positive emotions on the other hand, that come from a positive thought, instantly begins to heal and regenerate the cell structure. Sometimes we bury our negative emotions in hopes that they will dissipate with time. Sadly this does not occur, if we bury them deeper soon they will erupt some where else in our body system. The use of drugs, alcohol, addictive behaviors only drives them deeper into our cells. Sooner or later we must face and release what we want so much to forget. This releasing is not Dr. Feel Good but release we must if we want to be free. Free of pain, confusion, illness, whatever else erupts from our little buried volcanoes.. ..then we can feel who we really are… enlightened beings. Enlightened Beings with many layers of darkened veils of confusion covering our glorious light.

There are many ways of releasing, but a couple of the ways that I work with are the Reconnective Healing and Matrix energetics. Many times, too numerous to mention, I have seen this incredible healing energy bring forth in rapid succession a clients buried garbage to be identified and released for good. Everyone is different and the releasing occurs when the person is ready. This is where the acceptance and the state of gratitude comes in. We are very strong creators and our minds and thoughts are most powerful. Reconnective healing energy and the Matrix Energetics is a system of healing that is much smarter than any of us and it works where it is most needed first. Whether it be emotional, mental, physical or spiritual healing. Matrix Energetics is a technique that encompasses the quantum field of parallel Universes, past lives, time travel and just the understanding that what we see around us really isn’t real like we might think it to be. I learn to tap into this Devine Matrix surrounding us, of which we are all a part, and ask what the protocol is for this individual during the session. Answers and inclinations are received and I proceed as directed. It is interesting to note that Dr. Richard Bartlett, the founder and the presenter of the Matrix Energetics has also studied with the Reconnective Healing seminars several years before he started presenting this technique to the public. It is all working beautifully together. My part in the healing process is to just deliver the energies. The rest is up to the client according to the state of acceptance that they are in. If they are ready there doesn’t seem to be a limit to what can happen. I have seen much. Just as the woman that grabbed Christ’s robe and was instantly healed, He turned to her and said your faith has healed you. We can heal ourselves if we understand what this faith really is and what it is implying. How to look at life and our particular situation. How to not be afraid but to only feel the end result of what we want in our lives without ulterior motives. Perhaps the hardest thing of all for all of us is to unlearn what we have learned to be true and real. A big part of this new learning is to be conscious of your thoughts for they are not just thoughts they are real and powerful. Once your negative emotions come to the surface then you are given a grand opportunity to access, understand and redirect your thoughts towards a positive outcome. If they stay buried it could take years to really understand your personal delema and even postpone the wonderful chance to rise to the bliss of Ascension. May your day be filled with the healing of peaceful wonder…. Ginny Blankenship