Red Oak Art Studio

Welcome to Red Oak Art Studio. Established for nearly 20 years, I am displaying my original oil paintings,(commissions), Murals, and sign painting. Although at this time the only type of hand lettering and pinstripping I do is just for specialty type signs. Oil paintings of the natural world consisting of woodland scenes, rivers, animals both wild and tame are a strong love. Oil Paintings of  the Native American culture and people has been a real passion.

Red Oak Art Studio is located at my home south of Rosebud Mo.

Yellow National Park

This scene taken from photo this past Summer at Yellowstone with white wolf in memory of seeing her up close and personal at Yellowstone 5 years ago.

Original Oil (18"x24") - Price $700.00
with 4 inch wide black frame with gold strip near painting. Call

Wild Horses of Missouri - Prints(15 5/8"x18")

This painting came from actual photo taken by my Daughter while canoeing the Current River.

Prints with mat extending total size to 23-1/2"x17" for framing. $90.00

Original Oil (20"x30") - Price $1200.00
with an inch wide linen liner and 3 inch wide brown and gold frame. Call

Bear Butte Mountain - Prints(11"x14")

Bear Butte is a sacred mountain to both the Cheyenne and the Souix indians. I have been to this mountain several times and have gone
to the top peak, with my scared pipe, to pray as did Fools Crow and many other native peoples over the years.

Painted on location, night before in a dream I saw his face in the sky so I knew I was supposed to paint it like this.

Prints with mat extending total size to 16"x20" for framing. $70.00

Original Oil (16"x20") - Price $600.00
3 inch attractive frame, including title plate attached. Call

The Forest People - Prints(11"x14")

Notice "the forest people lettering hidden in the trees. I have had experiences with these forest people. They are real.

Prints with matte extending total size to 16"x20" for framing. $70.00
There are three different colored matting on these prints as you will see in photo.

Original Oil (16"x20") - Price $600.00
3 inch rustic frame, including title plate attached. Call

5 Hidden Spirit Animals - Prints(11"x14")

Painting is called "5 hidden Spirit Animals" Horse, turtle, wolf, bear, and eagle. Scene was from river near Cherokee N.C.

Includes a 2" wide black matting.

Prints $50.00

Original Oil (16"x20") - Price $450.00 
3 1/2" inch wide black frame included. Call

Spirit Wolf - Prints(14"x24")

"Spirit Wolf" Painting is 18"x32" inches. Framed in a rich 4" wide dark wood frame. Price $800.00. Painting done in appreciation of white wolf I seen at Yellow Stone National Park.
Prints are 14"x24" inches set in a two inch wide deep purple matting. 

Prints $120.00

Original Oil (18"x32") - Price $800.00 frame included. Sold

Ebony's Spirit - Prints(11"x14")

The horse one is entitled "Ebony's Spirit" size 21"x28" framed in a 2" inch wide mahogany wood frame. Wanted to capture the true spirit of a horse that I had for years. She was highly intelligent and had an incredible spirit for life. Notice the word reflected in her eye.    

Prints 11"x14" with a 2 inch matting.

Prints $70.00

Original Oil (21"x28") - Price $800.00 frame included. Call 

Feather Medicine - Prints(22-1/2"x18-3/4")

"Feather Medicine" Framed in Tobacco leaf covered frame with 2" white linen liner. Native Americans of old used feathers in their medicine practices to heal and understand what is going on in the body and soul of a persons makeup. I ave personally experienced the power of the eagle feather during healing sessions as I too practice this age old method of healing. It was a privilege and honor to paint this depiction of the art of "Feather Medicine."

Available in various colors of mats.

Print $95.00

Original Oil (28"x22") - $900.00 frame included. Call

Giant Sequoia - Prints(18"x25")

"Sequoia Giant" Framed in a tobacco leaf covered frame with 2" white linen liner. Description: The Sequoia Giant trees, the largest trees on the planet, only grow in the U.S, in California, and Russia. Largest tree in the world at 36 1/2' in diameter. They grow only at an elevation of 5,000 to 7,000 feet above sea level. This is a depiction of a curious little Indian boy in utter admiration of the giant trees, a place he calls home.

Colors of mats are either ivory or pale lavender.

Print $150.00

Original Oil (20"x30") - $1000.00 frame included. Call

Alpha - Prints(12"x16")

This is a spell binding oil of the wolves of Eli Minnisota. Although these particular wolves are no longer with us, it shows the stark reality of the social status of the Alpha male or female. Beautiful highlights of the northern snows with sharp contrasts of the wolves, this painting is captivating surrounded in a 2" white linen liner and a 3" wide warm oak frame.

Print $95.00

Original Oil (16"x22") - $600.00 including frame. Call

Cherokee North Carolina - Prints(9"x21")

This Painting entitled "Cherokee NC" Was painted from a scene in Cherokee North Carolina. Sun drenched forests sends chills of inspiration. Notice hidden image of Cherokee presence.

Framed in solid cedar wood 2-1/4" frame.

Print $125.00

Original Oil (18'X42") - $975.00 including frame. Sold

Night Freedom - Prints(21"x19")

Latest painting entitled "Night Freedom" is a wrap around canvas sized at 25"x19", with a 1 1/2 inch wide wrap around frame. The scene depicts a magnificent, black as the night, horse set against an incredible Colorado sunset.

Print $125.00

Original Oil (25"x19") - $450.00 including frame. Sold

Cherokee Soul – Prints(16"x20")

Newest oil painting of a Full blood Cherokee. Original oil painting sized 18″ X 24″. Indeed, soul stirring to gaze upon this mystical profile of our nations past. Original oil framed in 3″ black satin finished frame. Very striking!

Print $165.00

Original Oil – $1,200.00 including frame. Sold

The Quenching - Prints(16"x20")

Original oil sized 16″ X 20″, framed in 4 inch look of leather type frame in rich, warm maroon brown color and 1″ inch white linen liner. It brings light and warmth to any decor enriching your room.

Print $150.00

Original Oil – $750.00 including frame. Sold

A Golden Moment - Prints(31"x22")

Original oil sized 40″ X 28″, rich golden colors of fall can bring sunshine to any room. History of original prairies of Missouri and authentic style Indian dress. Framed in brown 4 inch wide wooden frame.

Print $225.00

Original Oil – $1,600.00 including frame. Call

Fireball - Prints(12"x15")

Painted with real love of horseflesh and an understanding of their fiery nature. Wild with color and energy.


Eyes of my Brother - Prints(18"x14")

A deeply stirring account of the wolf and their golden eyes. Native American symbolism surrounds.

Print $125.00

Never Alone - Prints(14"x18")

None loved the land so much as the Native American. There are Keepers of the land present in certain places. This is an account of such a presence.

Print $95.00

Dimensional Flight – Prints(14"x18")

Original oil sized 20″ X 24″, framed in a blue wood grained frame with a 2″ white linen liner. A spirit version of a dimensional flight of the soul, reaching back in time to places known and loved. Very pronounced and vivid colors. A painting for the bold of heart.

Print $95.00

Original Oil – $800.00 including frame. Call