I have painted many murals over the years. I use 40 year warranty paint on my murals finish with a graffiti proof sealer. My murals have a lasting beauty. I will travel farther than 50 mile radius to do murals with certain specifications. I have also painted many murals for churches and private homes as well.

The "Windows of Sullivan" Murals will be officially on display at Sullivan on Sept. 24th. 2022. These murals are all 4' x 8'. There are 11 murals total, with the main theme being U.S Hwy 66. Local people who grew up near and in Sullivan are sponsoring each mural.

Trails to Hwy

This mural depicts the fact that many of our Highways in this country were first trails by Native Americans, then trails for Wagon Trains, and then some major Hwys., including parts of the U.S Hwy 66. At one time these areas of Hwys. were trails by the Osage Indians that lived in the area of Sullivan and on west and south of there. Keep in mind before white people came to this land, our forest were mature forests, and right here in Missouri you could travel with Horse and buggy through most of our woodlands easily.

Hubble Telescope

A family member of the Hubble telescope lives in Sullivan to this day. Jerry Hubble sponsored this mural to celebrate his family relationship to the Hubble telescope that is light years away and bringing us information like never before of the vast Universe surrounding us.

Norman White Mule Farm

This mural represents and is sponsored by Norman Strauser from Sullivan Mo. Mr Strauser owns the White Mule farm. It is a family farm with a couple hundred acres occupying several horses and white mules where they entertain people with coach rides. a beautiful place.

Joe Thurmond Mural

Joe Thurman has lived his entire life right across the street from where the annual Sullivan picnics were held for many years. As a child he enjoyed this event every year and as an adult became active in maintaining and even sponsored the American Flag post in the heart of the area were the picnics used to be. This mural shows Joe reminiscing on the joyful past back in the 60's.

Parade of all Parades

This is a mural that I completed in July of 2014. It was derived from a photo taken around 1911. A very large “Parade of all Parades” with the intention of getting more people interested in the town of Owensville. Painted on a refinished brick wall, sized at 10 x 36 feet.

Meramec River

This 12 1/2 X 62 ft. mural was painted in 2004, At Sullivan Mo. on the bowling alley building facing Hwy. 44. It is a scene of the Meramec River depicting the old Sappington bridge and canoeist of the 70’s.

Opened Old Time Door

Painted at a private home, this 8’x7′. Painted on concrete wall. Scene is a slightly opened old time door with a little wood gnome peeking out. Brick and vines wrap about and a little flower fairy, and tree nymph fly joyfully.Is 8’x7′. Scene is a slightly opened old time door with a little wood gnome peeking out. Brick and vines wrap about and a little flower fairy, and tree nymph fly joyfully.


Painted at a home residence, this 7’x19′ family portrait from the “backside” as requested, looking out unto what they all love in nature and wild flowers.

Harry's Tire

Harry’s Tire, Located at Sullivan Mo. Size 20’x17′