Singing professionally since the age of 21, Ginny has had many years of establishing and perfecting her own sound.  She is also a bass guitar player and has converted to acoustic bass. A few years ago Ginny produced her first CD. Realizing she had much to say, she began to write her own songs and so,To Touch the Earth” was born. Living her entire life in the country she  wrote songs that struck cords of truth for her, as true as the blue sky. She has always felt a deep love and respect for the earth and all it’s many creatures. This love progressed into raising children who also were inclined in the environmental field and so her knowledge and respect of the land grew through them as well.

It was only natural that Ginny was to discover the Native American way of feeling about the Earth and our beautiful connection to her grand splendor.  It is in this understanding that many of the songs developed. On this CD you will heart beautiful acoustic guitars by Wayne Roy and Ginny Blankenship, Violin by Greg Krone, Native American Flute by Bradford Smith, drums by Faron Blankenship, and lovely three part Harmony. Ginny is accompanied by her niece Melisa Nobel, and nephew Faron Blankenship with the harmonies. Nothing is more beautiful than the similar frequencies of relatives in harmony. This CD will speak to your soul with it’s soothing melodies and powerful messages. Many have raved about it’s “Feel Good” appeal and the unusual combination’s of instruments that soon will have you hooked into listening to more. Below are Ginny’s personal notes about each and every song on her CD.

The first song on the CD is “Seminole Wind“, I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It resonated with me down to the soul and I knew I had to add it to my collection of songs. You will love our own version of this song with it’s easy listening appeal. (Playing time 4:58)

Seminole Wind | MP3 | $0.99   

The second song, “Heal With the One You Hurt With“, A song that I wrote that carries a healing message to all who have experienced this human life drama of pain. It is a song with a message of inspiring hope in realizing that the real healing comes from within …the one you hurt with is you. (Playing time 4:26)

Heal With The One You Hurt With | MP3 | $0.99  

The Third song, “To Touch The Earth“, The title song of the album was the first song that I wrote. It is an upbeat temple of the complexities of understanding the earth’s many wonderful appeals to the heart and mind, with a final appeal to love her and respect her and begin to ease our overabundant life style of waste and want. (Playing time 5:09)

To Touch The Earth | MP3 | $0.99  

The fourth song, “Mystical Eyes“, was written about some of the children coming unto this planet at this time. In the energy healing work that I have done, I have seen the remarkable qualities of the Indigo and the Chrystal children. This song has also been inspired by the book “Emissaries of Love” by James Twyman. A song that has inspired many adults and children alike. (Playing time 5:16)

Mystical Eyes | MP3 | $0.99  

The fifth song, “Golden Eyed Brother“, I wrote about the incredible wolf. A creature of high intelligence and remarkable strength both physically and emotionally. A high energy song of my love for one of the Creators most valuable creations. (Playing time 4:38)

Golden Eyed Brother | MP3 | $0.99  

The sixth song, “Are You Friend Or Foe“, I wrote this song in memory of a conversation with an Indian Elder from Washington state many years ago. This song has softened the hearts of many as they begin to understand the connection to the life that surrounds us everyday and the sacredness of the forest. (Playing time 6:22)

Are You Friend Or Foe | MP3 | $0.99  

The seventh song, “Running Bear“, Oh how I loved this song when I was little. I felt drawn by the words of this kind of powerful love. And saddened at the tragedy of hatred and fear that lives in the hearts of humankind. This song for me had a mystical ghostly allure…perhaps a soul memory? In the beginning you hear the sound of the flute as the young warrior played a melody for his love across the waters. (Playing time 4:41)

Running Bear | MP3 | $0.99