Born and raised in rural Missouri, I’ve always felt a strong connection to nature and the divinity in all of life. Being of a sensitive nature has allowed me to feel deeply on many things. Years later, this sensitivity was released in my love of music and art, followed by energy healing of various modalities.

To Touch the Earth CD. For many years, I’ve sang and played music professionally. In 2008, I produced my first CD and wrote a few songs expressing my love of nature and my soul love of the Native American spirituality. My CD,To Touch the Earth, expresses this love with beautiful Native American Flute, acoustic guitars, drums, and soothing three part vocal harmonies. Environmentally geared, and soulfully felt, this CD will bring you many hours of listening ease that will calm the spirit and heal the heart.

Red Oak Art Studio –Starting at the age of three drawing endlessly on a small blackboard, I began my art career. Through college courses in art and many workshops, my art has developed into the many paintings that you’ll see on this website. Throughout the years, I’ve received several ribbons and awards through various art shows. I’ve painted many murals across central Missouri; in homes, churches, and large outside murals as well.

Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. Certified in “Reconnection” and “Reconnective Healing”, “Levels I, II, and III”, I’ve experienced the wonderful healing energy of “Reconnective Healing” in many ways. Today, “Reconnective Healing” continues to heal with the presence of a higher frequency that I have never felt before.

Attending conferences on “Reconnective Healing”, I’ve met some wonderful people from all over the world experiencing some of the same powerful frequencies that I have, leaving them humbled to say the least. This energy is one awesome energy and it continues to amaze and astound me with some of the incredible results healing on all levels; “mentally”, “emotionally”, “physically”, and “spiritually”.

The “Reconnection” is part of the process with the “Reconnective Healing”, if the person so chooses. The “Reconnection” allows for an energy connection to the body and on out to the new grid lines of the planet and continues out into the universe… well what more can I say here!

Matrix Energetics. Certified in Matrix Energetics by Dr. Richard Bartlett, this has brought me into the world of quantum healing. This is a form of healing that has always amazed me. The seminars were wonderful and truly a pathway to transformation. Certified in levels I, II and completed the Wizards Training level III. In March 2011, I’ve completed advanced level IV. Read more about Matrix Energetics on the website.

Feather Medicine is an ancient form of Native American healing. It is such a beautiful modality. The feathers work with the present energies and reveal trouble spots and emotionally held blocks in the human body.  I feel most blessed with the spiritual presence of these two beautiful Indian Grandfathers working with me during these healing sessions. I do feel their spiritual presence and guidance.

Young Living Essentials Oils.I use them on the client at the end of the healing  if they are needed.  I use intuitive measures to reveal what oils to use and where to put them.

Thank you for stopping by and may your day be filled with self love and a peaceful heart... Ginny Blankenship