I’ve come to believe at this stage of my life that there are forces present that we are not meant to completely understand. Just accept that anything is possible. As a registered nurse of 22 years, trained in the teachings of traditional western medicine, I was admittedly skeptical yet thankfully completely open to the idea of energy healing. I had witnessed the energy work with patients in the workplace but never learned of the long term outcome of such therapy, in their cases, to judge. I’m here to say that Ginny Blankenship has a gift. She successfully treated me for severe nagging neck pain and knee pain through her sessions where western practitioners focused on temporary pain relief through anti-inflammatories and pain meds, not the source of the problem. My healing session was so successful that I discussed with Ginny the health problems of my favorite feline, Lily. Lily is a 15 year old tabby that had a severe reaction to Reglen for vomiting, as is a possible side effect with humans. Lily developed symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia characterized in her case by uncontrollable muscle tremors and extreme weakness in her front legs. After three weeks with little or no improvement, I began to feel that this was possibly permanent. Ginny offered to meet with her for a session as well as a remote healing session. Within 2 to 3 weeks with sessions combined with warm wraps and message the constant tremors were gone. Play and exercise assisted in returning the strength and tone to the muscles. She is back to being a healthy, happy cat. We thank Ginny for keeping us both in good form.

Tracey and Lily, Moberly, MO

I wanted to write you a bit about the effects I received subsequent to our healing session late in January, 2011. Here is just a bit of history of injuries: In January, 1991, I fell off of the motorcycle I was driving, falling instantly to the road pavement, onto my left hip, after locking up the breaks on wet pavement at 45 mph. During the following 5 years I received over 150 chiropractic adjustments, 50-75 electronic acupuncture treatments, numerous physical therapy sessions, and consumed approximately 1,500 to 2,000 pills consisting of Valium, Codeine, other assorted pain pills, and assorted muscle relaxers. All of the therapies brought some type of relief, but three days later I would be right back where I started. I still remained in pain or discomfort.

By 1996, the pain was not as severe, but I also went from being very active in sports (pre 1991), to now I could just go jogging a bit, but big discomfort would usually follow. I decided to throw all the pills away in 1996. I was still in pain or discomfort, but not just not my hip, but lower back as well.

The pain has only lessened a bit over time, but flexibility and range of motion has progressively gotten worse. In 2008 I had another severe accident. This time my right hip failed to hold me up, my right foot firmly on the bumper, while stepping over the tailgate of a truck, so my left foot is now straight up in the air, and I did a perfect dive onto the back of my head and neck onto asphalt road. No broken bones, but weeks later I noticed my attention span, clarity of thought, and ability to focus on mental tasks left a lot to be desired. This condition has progressively gotten worse in the last couple of years. More chiropractor treatments (I am not criticizing chiropractors or their treatments, they just could only provide me little non-lasting relief), with the same non-lasting effects as I had 15 years ago. I wouldn’t REALLY admit it to myself, but deep down I just knew I would be crippled for the rest of my life. And now it seemed apparent that I was also quickly losing what analytical/mental capabilities that I had left.

Back to January, 2011, and driving home from our healing session. I felt very light, almost like floating. No pain or discomfort in back or hips. So I tried to induce it, bending and stretching while driving, and noticed such a greater range of motion, all with no discomfort! This really seems to be too good to be true. I also notice a clarity of thought, and driving seems much easier, not much effort. I also feel much different in my being,but do not know what it is. I seriously contemplate what it is that I’m feeling over the next day or so, before it comes to me. My feeling is that of peace, and of non-anxiety. What a wonderful feeling! I had completely forgotten what that feels like. Over the next few days I experience what seems to be new sensations. What has happened to all the concerns, worries, and junk that normally fills my mind? They are just gone! A week later still wondering what this great feeling is that I have, and why do I feel so good ? Then it comes to me,…now I’m living in the present moment… I progressively have less thoughts about what I need to do tomorrow, and when I do, it is just a short, “okay Mike, let’s do that task from 11:30 to 12:30 on Friday”, then it’s forgotten about, and back to “right now’. I really did forget how to live…..stuck in pain and worry, and stuck in the constructs of the mind, and stuck in physical pain and discomfort. All of the negative, low energy stuff is just disappearing. All of the pain and discomfort is just disappearing.

Well, that is really only half of the story. The rest is just as sweet. About 5 minutes into our session, both of my sinuses opened up. They are normally pretty blocked up, and the only time I breath deeply is when I actually sit down to do breathing exercises, yet they are labored because of constricted airways. On the way home I hoped my sinuses would stay open at least a day or 2, it will be a nice treat. It has now been over 1 month, and they are still wide open, my breathing is now steady and deep. The feeling of relaxation and getting more oxygen fills my days.

Tightness in back, hips, neck, and congestion in my head dramatically decreased within the next 2 days. I haven’t felt this in over 20 years! This continued on for the past couple of weeks, better flexibility, greater strength, and absence of pain and discomfort. I did experience a couple of different days where I was very tired physically and mentally. I slept 10 to 12 hours, then wanted to nap later in the day, so I did. I also thought, well that’s it, likely I’ll slide back down tonot this good. I was wrong, I just keep getting better, stronger, more peaceful, more happy, more hopeful, and more productive.

Another aspect is clarity of thought returning. Mental tasks are becoming easier. Joy and happiness are returning, I seem to have a smile on my face most of the time. You also showed me how to get out of my head, and into my heart. It feels so much better a place to live, so much more natural.

None of my words can do any justice to how it “feels” to experience these physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. I am completely in awe of all that has happened to me since we met and you facilitated this healing for me. I highly recommend this type of work for ANY condition, ANY Situation. Thank you Ginny Blankenship, and thank you for doing God’s work!

M Starr, Illnois

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I just can’t thank you enough! I was so miserable and having uncomfortable pain. You made it all go away! If you were here I would kiss you! you truly do have a gift. A special gift from God. Not only are you blessed with your healing abilities, but you are blessed with this amazingly deep care you have for all of God’s creation. Your intense, unconditional love for all just spews out of you and unto everything you think about. You truly are an inspiration to me. I am so very blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for taking this journey together. Love you tons and miss you much.

DW, Gresham, NE

Ginny is one of God’s precious gifts. Her extraordinary abilities have helped me immeasurably in the healing and balancing of my body, mind and spirit. I would not hesitate to recommend her intuitive healing services to anyone who is searching for someone to facilitate wellness. I encourage individuals to embrace her work and expect powerful insight and change as a benefit.

DN, Owensville, MO

I was in great physical and emotional distress when I came to Ginny for help. Her methodology, intuition and insight helped me connect to early trauma, pinpointing specific issues and releasing the blocked energy that was preventing me from fully experiencing life. Ginny Blankenship is an excellent and skillful healer, committed and full of compassion. I recommend her highly in all regards.

DB, Santa Fe, NM

Over the years Ginny has helped me with both health and spiritual issues. She’s come a long way since I taught her remote viewing many years ago. My Asthma came back later in life making it difficult to do everyday things. Her last healing on me several months ago returned my lungs to about 80% of normal breathing!! To my cherished,close friend, who I know for fact is surrounded by angels. Thank You!

RB, Desoto, MO

Ginny Blankenship is a very gifted healer. I have experienced her feather healing’s, and her energy work. Without ever touching you, her compassion and love exceeds out of every pore. She works your body over with her gifted energy work, and the results are simply amazing. She is my first choice when I need a healing balance. I highly recommend her work.

LB, Bland, MO

I knew the first time I met Ginny that we had a connection energetically.  The healing sessions I have had with her are very beneficial and completely what I had been looking for.  Ginny has such a caring and healing soul and I am so happy to have met her and to have her as a part of my spiritual life!

TP, St Clair, MO

I wanted to share that I had been diagnosed with a lump on my thyroid and the day I got to meet Ginny for the first time I was a bit nervous. I had been doing some releases and positive thinking however that day she was doing energy healing and she had sensed something with my throat area, when she was done she thought she had released it. As I was driving to the doctor to have a biopsy done I kept thinking positive thoughts and as the doctor was doing the biopsy he didn’t say anything until he was done. He said “well that was interesting” and I asked him what he meant “he said as he was doing the biopsy it collapsed. I really attribute that to Ginny’s treatment and since the second treatment I am off all thyroid medicine; the lump is gone and I feel great……..Thanks so much for being a part of my life. I would highly recommend Ginny to anyone that wanted to have a healing experience.  I love her warm and spirited heart. I love the fact that she continues to learn and work with her new ways of training.  Each experience has been different and I have loved them all.  Thank you for giving a healing also to our dog…..he is still moving around….Thank you so much…

LB, Crofton, NE

I wanted to thank you for our wonderful experience. Since our healing’s and reconnection our lives have changed.  It has taken us on many different paths to better our lives. Your CD is great and we enjoy it often. We recommend you to everyone.  You’re great!

RC, Taft, CA

First I would like to say what a wonderful and caring person Ginny is. She has so much compassion and love in her heart for anyone in pain. She is a very truthful and loyal friend.

I had a horrible accident on my horse. My ankle was broken and crushed. I went through many surgery’s. They put a long rod in my leg to attach my ankle back, and eight pins to secure my crushed bones. Ginny did several healing’s on me, and my ankle is almost pain free and I can walk very well. Her healing’s have changed my life for the better.

GO, Drake, MO

I met Ginny several years ago as we studied the effects of subtle energies and the ability to affect them to improve the health of ourselves and others. Although we talked of many things, it was a few years later that I learned of her many healing talents. She is highly intuitive and can tell you more about yourself than you may have ever consciously realized.

Through a couple feather healing sessions, she helped me move past a significant emotional blockage and its physical manifestations. Both are now gone. Ginny is a tremendous healer as well as a musician, an artist, and now, a friend.

TV, Ankeny, IA

It is my pleasure to write a testimony on behalf of Ginny Blankenship. I had the honor of working with Ginny and receiving her powerful healing effects a year ago. I could immediately feel her energy as she spoke to me over the phone and I knew that this was someone I had to work with. I received two sessions of the Reconnective healing which blew me away. I don’t recall if I gathered my physical body as I left the sessions but I was floating for days afterwords. She has a unique way of working her energy like no other. I also received the “Reconnection” from Ginny a few weeks later. I once again felt an incredible amount of energy flowing from and through my body. I travel to Peru to work with Shaman’s and this energy work helped me amplify my very own personal work in my life. I became a Practitioner of the “Reconnection” because of my own experiences. I have found that this energy is like no other and I have helped many as a result of this energy. Fasten your seat belts and be prepared for some major ROCKET fuel. Also, it is extremely important to me that I work with people who are centered in their heart and not their ego. Ginny is coming straight from her heart! Gotta love it!!!

BB, Warrenton, MO

One cannot say enough about this very gifted lady Ginny Blankenship. It matters not if you need healing from emotions, physical, or energetic correcting. If you are into Native American healing, need a soothing through music or art, Her sensitivity to the connection of Universe and Mother Earth meets the needs of every individual who asks from Ginny. I know because I have had the privilege to be blessed and touched by her on all those levels.

JMH, Rolla, MO

I have known and been close friends with Ginny for over 10 years and this woman has a heart and soul that is AWESOME !! Always ready to help when help is needed and has a beautiful voice she shares with us all and oh what an artist!

I have had 2 healing’s from Ginny and one was long distance.I was having an emotional issue that was needing extra help in the family and Ginny was able to send that AWESOME energy of LOVE to help us get through a trying time. I was so blessed by her help that it all came out well. The other healing was done in her home and I have very touchy feet and when she got near my feet as she was doing her energy thing, I was worried that if she touched my left foot that it would auto kick her but it did
nothing. I was so amazed by this. She is the first person ever to accomplish this without getting kicked! Her gift is REAL. I am ever so blessed in knowing and being her friend and cherish the time we get to spend together as she and I like some of the same things. You keep being the beautiful spirit that you are my friend... Much love to you.

SG, Marble Hill, MO

I decided to write my own account of what happened to me during the Reconnection and further help you to understand why I do what I do. I received 2 healing’s about 2 years before I received the Reconnection. I had just reread the book for the second time and was now ready for the Reconnection. During the first half of the Reconnection, which is done in a two part session, I felt every line being drawn above my body. Physical contact is not made during the Reconnection the lines are drawn energetically above the body. Then I began to feel like I was being energetically strapped to the table. Feeling like a heaviness pulling me into the table. Then I felt a very powerful burning sensation in the middle of my chest. I did not feel physical pain but began to cry from some unknown very deep emotional pain. The tears rolled non-stop. Then my head began to slightly turn in little short jerky movements to one side then the other side. This went on for a long while. Finally,my shoulders began to follow suit, moving in short jerky movements lifting my shoulders up and off of the table. Then my head began to move backwards slowly till the top of my head was resting on the massage table.

While I was in this position I felt like hands lifting both my sternum and upper back at the same time raising my upper body up off of the table in an incredible arch. While in this position I heard a voice inside my head, “we are correcting an injury in childhood.” ( note) When I was 15 years old I was drug by a horse. My head and shoulders repeatedly hit the ground till my foot came loose from the stirrup. This caused many years of neck pain and then years of suffering from Vertigo. The spells were getting worse as I aged. Now here I am on this table and with a sudden burst of energy that lifted my upper torso, I felt a very strange and intense pressure on my upper neck (atlas area).

After a while the energy slowly lowered my body back on the table. My head again began it’s seemingly endless turning back and forth till I noticed that the lady giving me the Reconnection was finished and I was still doing this movement thing back and forth. I was amazed that her work was done but not mine! The last and most powerful event of all was when she helped me to sit up on the table. At first I became very dizzy and went back down. Again she helped me up assuring me everything was fine. When I got to the upright position a sudden and powerful bolt of lightening like feeling hit me on top of the head sending and energy stream down the center of my spine. This energy left me quivering uncontrollably for nearly twenty minutes.

My friend drove me back to my motel and I couldn’t sleep the entire night as I felt a constant buzz of energy in my body. The next morning I received the second half of the Reconnection and I was surprised to find it very relaxing and rejuvenating. Now 5 1/2 years later I have not had a single episode of Vertigo, my heart has greatly improved as I was getting numerous palpitations per day, and my life has changed in many productive ways. I couldn’t have asked for more although some of the changes were mentally and emotionally hard to take. But change I did and now I offer to you some of these same possibilities of healing in all areas of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I send you peace as you read this and wishes for an enlightening day.

Ginny Blankenship, Rosebud, MO