Matrix Energetics

Matrix Energetics is a not so much a technique as it is an energy consciousness shift. You do have some learned techniques from the seminar such as the Two Point, Archetype and time travel. But Matrix Engetics is using an energy field and a consciousness, like a standing wave…that is always there!! Once you begin to” get it” like the knack of the way you observe your environment or your reality and then attach a new paradigm, then attach a new consciousness to that paradigm, then you get instantaneous changes in physical matter. Well this is a mouthful but take a little time to chew it before you swallow or cast out this info. This is the quantum healing world. In the energy healing field one thing you learn very quickly is that everything is energy. A little further than that is that our bodies are more like liquid crystal… very fluid indeed. So shifts can happen more readily than you could imagine possible. A big part of this understanding is trusting that all this is possible.

The first seminar I attended Dr. Richard Bartlett called me up to the stage as he often does with people to do some demonstrating. I really didn’t know what to expect in the way of feeling things. I had seen some of my fellow comrades of learning, tilt and sway and sometimes go the floor. Richard put his arm around my shoulder and said a few things to the audience and I not only fell to the floor but I fell so fast the catcher was even caught off guard. I felt a split second before I fell that all my bone structure had disappeared. Like I was in a bag of skin only. It was like melting! Three times he did this to me and the last time I remained on the floor flat. This was advised so as to allow for a smoother transition with little or no interference from me. I felt a huge swell of energy erupting in the lower abdomen area and shooting out over the rest of my body. I truly did get a feel of the aspect of “liquid crystal” as Richard calls it. I did have some powerful changes as I also did with the Reconnection.

I have been a certified healer of Matrix Energetics since 2009. I have attended levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and just recently attended the “Unplugged” in Chicago Il. This was the first time he taught this new understanding of the Matrix field in the United States and I have to say it was the most exciting seminar thus far. I’m still in the process of digesting all that I learned. A deeper understanding of how this modality works will only increase my abilities to help others achieve a more powerful healing session response. It seems without a doubt that Matrix is opening up to a whole new world of Quantum healing. I have been using this modality for four years now and have attended 6 seminars total. We are required to attend a seminar each year to maintain our certification. The reason being that the understanding of the physics behind this modality is really opening up quickly. What a wonderful time to be alive! And what a beautiful opportunity to share with my clients the latest in energy healing and the healing field of the Matrix Energetics.

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