Feather Medicine and Young living Essential Oils

Feather Medicine is a modality that quite literally touches my heart. I love the natural world and when I use a part of that natural world in healing I am very much at home. Feather Medicine is an ancient form of healing and never fails to perform for me. When I think of how old the morphic field is in this modality I am completely humbled. For thousands of years this type of healing has been used and you can feel that connection to the past when using the feathers. I am told that their are two Grandfathers working with me during the healing’s. Native Indian Grandfathers. I always gratefully implore their assistance.

There are prayer feathers and then there are the energy finder feathers.  Each feather does something different according to what the energy of the bird stands for. The feathers are long standing in their power and I use this existing energy in conjunction with my intent. I legally carry the eagle feather as I have the identification number, this for those of you who might be concerned in this area.

The Young Living Essential Oils are another part of the Natural world and that is why I love to use them so much. Each plant and animal on this planet has it’s own beautiful energy that incredibly connects to our own energies. With the essential oils this is how the healing occurs through the healing aspects of each and every plant. The Young Living Essential Oils company use very delicate measures of extracting the oils from the plants so as not to destroy the essence of it’s power. This is respect in it’s highest form. Man and Nature working together in a love relationship to bring about better health and peace of mind. This is an aspect that modern man has unconsciously and sometimes consciously driven from his environment.  One of the many reasons we become sick so easily. I use the Oils only if needed. I ask through a means of higher knowing to find out what to use and where to put the oils. Like the feathers the Oils are so beautiful in their connection to us in assisting in our healing’s. Another reason to love and respect the earth.