Book Reviews

Claude Swanson
This incredible book is a must read for all energy healing enthusiast. Physicist Dr. Claude Swanson’s book is a breakthrough of knowledge in Energy healing, Chi, and Quantum Consciousness. His ability to take an extraordinary subject and make it very readable for the average person is absolutely wonderful. He has traveled the world in his search to bring to the reader the incredible research and personal experience in the energy healing world. Never before has there been a book written so completely on all aspects of the Life Force energy that abounds everywhere. You will truly begin to understand the science of the Universal knowledge. You might begin to recognize that the Paranormal might be a little closer to normal than ever suspected. His work will bring the long deserved respect for us who work in the energy healing world, for this I am personally very grateful. I highly recommend this book for it is time to be aware of the power of Consciousness and the merging of Science and spirituality. With this new outlook anything is possible. It is time to leave the dark ages of fear behind and move into the power and light of love. From this perspective boundaries become very flexible.

I also want to express my appreciation for being a very small part in the making of this book by painting the cover design. Rich Berry, a good friend of mine is the man on the cover. Thanks Rich for introducing me to your long time friend Dr. Claude Swanson.

Ginny Blankenship